Thrive in Uncertainty – Bridge the Divide between Mission and Investment

Forge a strong foundation to fiscal stability and fulfill your mandate. Effect lasting change with a holistic roadmap to mitigate risks and maximize returns.

Preserve capital and build your assets with expert advice. Gather practical wisdom from investment veterans to drive performance and strengthen governance. Adeptly manage risks, increase yield, and exploit growth. Adapt your investments and spending to market realities.

At this specialized forum, engage top foundation executives on progressive tools to further mission. Cultivate your capacity to create impact and secure long-term viability. Generate operational revenues and enhance development for your organization.

Don’t falter in your duty to serve the common good. At the precipice of change, how will your organization evolve to benefit generations to come?

Your first step – THIS CONFERENCE!

GAIN 10 solutions to maximize ROI and deliver on mission:
  1. Portfolio Yield:  Target  inadequate  returns  and  preserve  capital
  2. Downside Protection:  Monitor  risks,  build  diversification  and  buffer volatility
  3. Balanced Budget:  Align  spending  and  investment  to  meet  obligations
  4. ImpactInvesting:  Activate  mission  driven  initiatives  and  social  finance
  5. Governance:  Improve  due  diligence,  meet  compliance  and  earn  donor  trust
  6. Asset Allocation:  Enhance  results  with  strategic  and  tactical  execution
  7. DIY Manager Search:  Avoid  pitfalls,  minimize  fees  and  drive  accountability
  8. Angel Investor:  Unlock  new  revenues  and  fortify  your  triple  bottom  line
  9. Exploit Alternatives:  Access  real  assets  and  illiquid  alternatives
  10. Drive Performance:  Emulate  larger  endowments  and  outperform  the  market

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