Toronto, ON

Tuesday January 19th &
Wednesday January 20th 2016

Formulate a cohesive strategy to mitigate risks, maximize returns, and meet disbursement obligations. Meet your mandate and further your mission.

Build your revenue and preserve capital. Improve investment outcomes by adopting solutions from leading experts. Exploit new growth opportunities, increase returns, and manage risks.

Target new markets and strengthen mission related investments to secure your long-term sustainability.

Join our experts in January 2016, topics of discussion include:

  • Asset allocation
  • Managing our investment managers
  • Fundraising
  • Investment returns
  • Impact investing
  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Donor relations
  • Alternative investments
  • Meeting investment goals in a low yield world

If you have a story to tell and are interested in submitting a proposal to speak at the 2016 Foundation, Endowment and Not-for-Profit Investment Summit, click here

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