Stabilize Your Returns and Achieve Your Mission in an Uncertain Economy

25+ Speakers, 24+ Networking hours, 3 Panels, 5 Case Studies, 2 Tracks, 3 Multi-billion dollar foundations & endowments, 125+ Attendees

Gain exclusive insights and knowledge on:

  1. Financial Markets: Anticipate economic turmoil.
  2. Diversification: Master your reallocation strategy.
  3. Private Debt Investment: Achieve your mission with impactful loans.
  4. Active Management: Weather volatility with a nimble portfolio.
  5. Social Impact Bonds: Learn from the first initiatives in Ontario.
  6. Fixed Income: Adapt to low interest rates.
  7. Social Investment: Align investment and your mission.
  8. Governance: Gain operational efficiency and leverage partnerships
  9. Risk Management: Mitigate market risks
  10. Alternative Assets: Access new investing opportunities