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2018 Program

January 23, 2018
  • 7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast

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  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:30 AM
    Portfolio Construction
    Construct Your Fixed Income Portfolio to Improve Your Liquidity and Increase Your Returns
    Alex Yuchvid
    Director of Investments and Financial Analysis – Office of the Treasurer, Indiana University

    Developing your fixed-income investment strategy is crucial for your long-term portfolio’s performance. Ensure capital preservation while increasing returns in your fixed-income portfolio. Take away practical strategies to:

    • Strengthen your cash flow forecast
    • Improve your risk management
    • Develop your money market strategy

    Build your fixed income strategy to bolster returns while preserving your capital.

  • 9:00 AM
    Panel: Global Fixed Income
    Analyze Global Fixed Income to Stabilize Returns
    Alex Yuchvid
    Director of Investments and Financial Analysis – Office of the Treasurer, Indiana University
    Teresa Kong
    Portfolio Manager, Matthews Asia
    Aubrey Basdeo
    Managing Director, Head of Canadian Fixed Income, Blackrock
    Richard Lawrence
    Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management, Brandywine Global

    Canada has not adopted global fixed income at the same level as other countries. But unsatisfactory fixed income performance in Canada might change the trend. Determine if fixed income fits in your portfolios to ensure steady returns. Source intelligence to:

    • Assess the foreign fixed income market in Canada
    • Optimize the foreign fixed income allocation in your portfolio
    • Improve your risk management

    Diversify your portfolio with foreign fixed income investments.

  • 10:00 AM
    Investment Grade Credit
    How this Fixed Income Asset Class can Generate Positive Returns when Rates are Rising
    Mike MacBain
    CEO, Chief Investment Officer, East Coast Fund Management

    Rising rates will force foundations to rethink their fixed income strategy. Gather practical tips to:

    • Diversify your portfolio through the addition of this largely uncorrelated asset class
    • Protect capital in this low and rising rate environment
    • Target 6-8% annualized return from an investment grade portfolio

    Stabilize your returns fro fixed income asset class with investment grade credit.

  • 10:30 AM
    Morning Break
  • 11:00 AM
    Industry Expert: Canadian Fixed Income
    Reinvigorate your Fixed Income’s Portfolio Role to Stabilize your Returns
    Peter Muldowney

    The prospect of negative bond returns led certain investors to invest in less liquid asset classes; however, more options exist. Protect your investment in a raising interest rate environment with alternative approaches to fixed income. Gain insights to:

    • Assess the impact of a rising interest rate environment on your portfolio
    • Revisit your long-only strategy
    • Determine if long-short funds are a right fit for your organization

    Introduce more levees to achieve steady fixed income returns.

  • Impact Investing
    • 11:30 AM
      Case Study: Community Bond
      Invest in your Community while Achieving Steady Returns
      Adil Dhalla
      Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation

      Community bond is a new solution to use private debt for a social purpose. Develop innovative community investment strategies to complement your social mission with steady returns. Gather fresh ideas to:

      • Integrate social investment in your programs
      • Measure your footprint in the social economy
      • Better manage your investment risks

      Stabilize your investment incomes while empowering your community

    • 12:00 PM
      Industry Expert: Shareholder Advocacy
      Achieve your long-term investment objectives while supporting sustainable and environmental corporate practices as well as your risk profile
      Adam Hornung
      Associate Director, Investment Strategy, Russell Investments

      Investing based on ESG factors can help advance sustainable investment practices for the benefit of all stakeholders but does it still align with your risk profile? Does the inclusion of E, S or G mean an acceptance of lower return or higher risk?

      Take back to your office strategies to:

      • Ensure that you are not unknowingly exposed to undesired activities or industries
      • Proactively invest in companies with good governance and a focus on sustainability

      Generate consistent returns through investments that support your risk profile

    Traditional Investment
    • 11:30 AM
      Foundation Sustainability
      Review your Operating Revenue Model to Generate the Amount Required to Fund your Operations
      Alan Walker
      Executive Director, Ontario Arts Foundation

      Operating revenue models are a crucial pillar of foundation sustainability. Analyze your model and plan your changes to secure your revenue stream. Create a roadmap to:

      • Assess the success of your current model
      • Work with your board when your model needs change
      • Educate your board members and your donors or funders

      Improve your operating revenue model to enhance financial sustainability.

    • 12:00 PM
      Industry Expert: Risk Management
      Do you Know How Much Risk There is in your Endowment/Foundation
      Mary Beth Lato
      Senior Asset Allocation Strategist, Russell Investments Canada

      A holistic risk approach to managing your foundation or endowment is critical in volatile economic environments. Achieve stability in your investment revenue and maintain your organization’s mission. Gain practical insights to:

      • Identify the level of risk exposure you are comfortable with
      • Ensure liquidity to meet your foundation’s capital commitments
      • Assess risks from complex investment vehicles

      Manage risks and achieve superior performance in a volatile market.

  • 12:30 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:30 PM
    Spotlight: Canadian Commercial Mortgage Credit
    Access Canadian Commercial Mortgage Credit as a stable risk adjusted yield for your alternative investment bucket
    Paul Scholz
    Managing Director & Partner, Institutional Mortgage Capital

    Participating in a mortgage fund provides a fixed income product without increasing your risk profile. The Canadian commercial mortgage market provides access to a private market with enhanced yield with term specific liquidity.

    • Lower correlation with other asset classes including stocks and bonds
    • Low volatility
    • Tangible real property security
    • Opportunities for your investment portfolio in the private mortgage market
    • Fund structure provides you access to origination, underwriting, servicing & due diligence expertise as well as diversification

    Create steady returns while managing your risk profile.

  • 2:00 PM
    Case Study: Bank Loans
    Explore Alternative Solutions to Your Fixed Income Investment
    Mario Lavallée
    Professor, Université de Sherbrooke

    In a scenario of increasing interest rates, traditional fixed income investments may not deliver enough returns to sustain distribution goals. Assess the bank loans market to protect your liquidity while achieving your distribution goals. Source intelligence to:

    • Adapt your portfolio to variable yields
    • Ensure your portfolio’s liquidity
    • Diversify your portfolio

    Adapt to increase interest rates to achieve your distribution goals.

  • 2:30 PM
    Industry Expert: REITS
    Equity Returns in Real Estate: A Glimpse into Development-Based Investment
    Sasha Cucuz
    CEO, Greybrook Securities Partner, Greybrook Capital

    Public market volatility can increase risk exposure from public REITs. Protect capital with income stability. Gain insights to:

    • Advance your diversification strategy
    • Reduce the impact market volatility has on your portfolio
    • Improve the transparency of your private REIT investments

    Reduce capital volatility fluctuations to meet your target returns.

  • 3:00 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 3:30 PM
    Keynote: Economic Climate
    Address Economic Uncertainties to Mitigate Your Risks
    Brett House
    Vice-President and Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank

    With a Trump Presidency and a potential hard Brexit, investment markets face many uncertainties. Get the latest economic outlook to overcome market volatility for your organization. Source intelligence to:

    • Anticipate the impact of interest rate changes on your portfolio
    • Discover what economic uncertainties can mean for your program and mission
    • Protect your long-term investments

    Overcome market volatility to protect your investments.

  • 4:15 PM
    From Implementation to Value Creation – Set Milestones to Achieve your Responsible Investment Goals
    Aaron Bennett
    CFA, Partner & Senior Research Analyst, Jarislowsky Fraser
    Robert Walker
    Vice President, ESG Services & Ethical Funds, NEI Investment

    An increasing number of foundations are seeking to achieve a better balance between financial and non-financial (ESG) goals.  This session will review steps to implement a value-creating Responsible Investing strategy. Gain insights to:

    • Deepen alignment between your non-financial and financial goals
    • Refine your criteria before selecting an ESGfund or manager
    • Assessing the ESG performance of your portfolio

    Create a checklist to improve your organization’s triple bottom line.

  • 5:05 PM
    Cocktail Reception
January 23, 2018
January 24, 2018
  • 7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast

    Breakfast sponsored by:

  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:30 AM
    Keynote: Economic Climate
    Overview the Economic Factors Impacting the Philanthropic Landscape
    Brian Emmett
    Chief Economist, Imagine Canada

    The philanthropic landscape is changing quickly and F&Es are required to adapt quickly. Overview the current economic reality of foundations and endowments to attain your organization’s goals. Source intelligence to:

    • Analyze current economic and political factors impacting the N-F-P sectors
    • Discover what economic uncertainties can mean for your program and mission
    • Adjust your expectations when reevaluating your investment plans

    Adapt your organization to a fast changing philanthropic landscape.

  • 9:00 AM
    Industry Expert: Quantamental Approach to Investing
    Take Advantage of Quantitative and Fundamental Disciplines to Improve your Investment Process
    Mark Stacey
    Senior Vice-President, Head of Portfolio Management and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Highstreet Asset Management

    Investing has become increasingly complex as investors become more globally oriented and financial data has expanded. Advance towards your return targets with a disciplined and repeatable investment process. Gain insights to:

    • Analyze the impact of a Quantamental approach on your decision-making
    • Improve the risk management of your global investments
    • Consolidate financial data to reduce your costs

    Harness the power of quantamental investing to bolster your investing process.

  • 9:30 AM
    Debate Panel: Passive Vs. Active
    Adjust your Passive and Active Strategies to Thrive in a Fast Changing Market
    Mario Lavallée
    Professor, Université de Sherbrooke
    Yvan Breton
    Partner - Head of Fiduciary Management for Canada, Mercer
    Benjamin Forssell
    Managing Director, Portfolio Specialist, Manulife Asset Management

    Active and passive investing serve different purposes, but market uncertainties can impact their performance. Achieve your target return with strategies that answer both your needs and the market reality. Analyze new strategies to:

    • Review performance-based fees for your organization
    • Determine your criteria to select active or passive management
    • Adapt your strategy to economic changes

    Select a strategy to achieve your return target while navigating a volatile market.

  • 10:15 AM
    Spotlight: Longview Asset Management
    Investing In Stocks: Controlling Your Inner Reptile
    Doug McCutcheon
    President, Longview Asset Management

    Individual investors and the individuals running investment firms regularly make costly investment decisions based on instinctive behaviours. In the context of investing in stocks, discuss:

    • What some of these costly behaviours are
    • How to try and overcome them
    • When it makes sense to be invested in stocks
  • 10:30 AM
    Morning Break
  • 11:00 AM
    Spotlight: Private Lending
    In Pursuit of Alpha – Opportunities in Private Debt that Can Add Yield Without Sacrificing Quality
    Philip (Phil) C. Gillin
    Executive Vice-President and Portfolio Manager, Bentall Kennedy (Canada) Limited Partnership and Sun Life Investment Management
    Carl. S Bang
    President, Sun Life Institutional Investments (Canada) Inc.

    It’s a tough market, and institutional investors such as, foundations and endowments need solutions that add yield without sacrificing quality. In this intimate session, Sun Life Investment Management experts discuss the growth of alternative fixed income investments and what role they could play in a diversified portfolio. The discussion will aim to provide insight into the private debt market with a focus on commercial mortgages.

  • 11:30 AM
    Case Study: HHS
    Ensure Ownership Over your Investments to Achieve Better Risk-adjusted Returns
    Diana Simmons
    Chief Investment Officer, Hamilton Health Sciences

    Developing a sense of ownership over your investment strategy is key to achieve your targets. Build your capacity to discipline your portfolio and improve your portfolio’s performance. Create a blueprint to:

    • Focus on your organizational needs
    • Control your agenda
    • Establish realistic expectations

    Establish an investment strategy to achieve your organization’s goals.

  • 12:00 PM
    Spotlight: Real Estate Market

    Improve your Alternative Investment Strategy by Assessing Canada’s Real Estate Market 

    Allan Perez
    Managing Director, Canfirst Capital Management

    Canada’s real estate market boomed in 2016. Evaluate your opportunities in the real estate market to bolster your returns. Source intelligence to:

    • Identify the different types of real estate investment vehicles
    • Understand the benefits of investing in the real estate market for your organization
    • Determine the level of illiquid assets, which fit your 
organization’s targets.

    Drive your returns up by investing in the real estate market.

  • 12:30 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:30 PM
    Case Study: Youth Engagement
    Work with Students and Graduates to Improve your Governance and Strengthen your Investment Planning
    Klaudia Watts
    Managing Director, Foundation for Environmental Stewardship

    With the 3% Project, FES is helping young professionals to connect their environmental concerns with their career. Take part in their success and advance your mission with new young allies. Create a roadmap to:

    • Review training programs that engage students with Sustainable Development Goals
    • Discover what youth engagement can mean for your foundation and governance
    • Add expertise in your investment strategy

    Bring a new perspective to your decision-making process.

  • 2:00 PM
    Spotlight: Search Funds Investments
    The Asset Class Nobody Keeps Up With
    Jan Simon
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Vonzeo Capital

    Search funds investing has a long history of persistent high returns, in the high 30% ,with a low correlation to other investment vehicles. Analyze the current performance of search funds investments to bolster your portfolio’s returns. Take aways of the presentation:

    • Review the history and current performance of Search Funds Investments
    • Analyze the drivers of value creation in Search Funds Investments
    • Assess your potential impact on tomorrow’s business leaders

    Gain insights on an asset class that can strengthen your portfolio’s performance.

  • 2:15 PM
    Develop Investments that Create Returns for your Community and your Organization
    Marco Pagani
    President & CEO, Ottawa Community Foundation

    Faced with large social issues, charities are looking to increase their impact. To do so, they need to go beyond immediate relief and inject sustainability in their programs. Leverage your investments to create a paradigm shift and achieve your mission. Source practical tips to:

    • Review the state of the not-for-profit sector
    • Develop tools to empower your community
    • Sustain your efforts by securing revenue streams

    Create meaningful change while ensuring your long-term financial health.

  • 2:45 PM
    SPOTLIGHT: Alternative Assets
    Bridge The Access Gap with Top-tier Managers to Improve your Portfolio Construction
    Dan Geraci
    Managing Partner & Director, Cygnus Investment Partners

    Top-tier alternative asset managers are typically known to achieve consistently greater returns. However, access to the top-tier managers is difficult to obtain for many small-to-mid-size Canadian institutions. Learn about strategies and structures to bridge the access gap.
    Gain practical insights to:

    • Increase your allocation to alternative investments
    • Enhance the prospect of performance and cashflow through allocations to secondary PE investments
    • Emulate the strategies of larger institutional investors

    Enhance portfolio construction using top-tier managers.

  • 3:00 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 3:30 PM
    Case Study: Donor Relations
    Ensure your Stewardship with Well-crafted Donor Agreements
    Danny Glenwright
    Executive Director, Action Against Hunger

    Many Canadian foundations are constrained by poorly conceived donor agreements that struggle to identify the responsibility of meaningful stewardship. Avoid common pitfalls in drafting gift agreements with your donors. Discuss best practices to:

    • Personalize stewardship linked to charitable activities and investments
    • Identify common pitfalls and define metrics
    • Enhance your transparency

    Manage donor agreements to protect your reputation.

  • 4:00 PM
    Interactive: Start Stop Continue
    Organize Your Notes, Leverage Your Takeaways, and Advance Your Investment Strategy

    Mixing public, charitable and private money can enable unique investment opportunities. Join development banks and private investors to optimize your spending and create returns. Gain insights to:

    • Analyze blended finance as a concept and its implication for your foundation
    • Develop your partnership to create returns on investment
    • Leverage your expertise within local communities

    Foster economic development while enabling high returns investment for your organization and partners.

  • 4:15 PM
    Conference Adjourns
January 24, 2018

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