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Wednesday January 22nd &
Thursday January 23rd, 2020


January 22, 2020
  • 7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:30 AM
    Keynote: Economic Climate
    Responding to the Economic Uncertainties Putting Your Investments at Risk

    Investment markets face many uncertainties in 2020. From tariffs to consumer confidence, get the latest economic outlook to overcome possible downturn and market volatility. Source intelligence to: 

    • Anticipate the impact of interest rate changes on your portfolio
    • Discover trends in global markets and how they will affect investments 
    • Respond to short term trends while protecting your long-term investments 

    Create an action plan to capitalize on market volatility and protect your investments. 

  • 9:00 AM
    CIO Investment Panel
    Steadying the Ship: Capitalizing on Investments Opportunities in an Uncertain Economy

    Top Foundations and Endowments are looking at both defensive and offensive strategies when it comes to meeting their investment objectives. Join us for a discussion with some of the most successful Foundations and Endowments as they provide key insights into their asset management strategies. Gain best practices in:

    • Deploying alternatives to reap the best risk-adjusted returns
    • Finding alpha in the most unlikely of places
    • Balancing long-term strategies with short-term opportunities

    Take back successful investment strategies that will build your organization’s financial success

  • 9:45 AM
    Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees: The Importance of a Logical Asset Mix for your Long-Term Goals

    Investment committees generally spend more time selecting managers than determining asset mix. Deliver on a more optimal approach to building your asset mix. Create an action plan to: 

    • Ensure your key drivers are meeting your investment objectives 
    • Pick the right asset class for a bigger pay-off versus 
    • Achieve better outcomes through use case examples

    Build our future investment goals through a more logical asset mix

  • 10:15 AM
    Round Table:
    Comparing and Assessing Returns Across All Asset Classes

    A well-designed portfolio takes advantage of all asset classes, but some are more lucrative than others. This round table discussion will look into how you and your peers are performing, and determine what the optimal diversification could look like in today’s market. 

  • 10:30 AM
    Morning Break
  • 11:00 AM
    Case Study: Governance
    Improve Foundation Governance to Improve Operational Effectiveness and Deliver Higher Returns

    Good governance is the cornerstone of a strong organization, affecting everything from public trust to operational excellence to financial stability. But executing exemplary governance is a difficult endeavour and requires diligence and fortitude. Source practical tips to: 

    • Strengthen your organizations vitality by integrating governance and financial management. 
    • Utilize the expertise of your investment committee, board and staff 
    • Execute a rigorous assessment framework for maintaining transparency and trust

    Enable continuous improvement in operational governance and financial stability.

  • Impact Investing
    • 11:30 AM
      ESG SRI and Impact Investing:
      Responsible Investing Success Strategies in Practice

      By now, all endowments and foundations have explored the use of SRI and Impact investment vehicles, with some experiencing more success than others. Millennial investors, according to a new The Star research report are more likely to invest in sustainable funds, and are more likely to be loyal to organizations that do likewise. Master the success factors to: 

      • Better assess and capitalize on the most profitable ESG and SRI investment options available 
      • Maximize the value of your assets allocated to SRI through more diligent approaches to your strategic asset management plan
      • Structure your impact investment program to add meaningful alpha

      Build wealth and further your mission through more practical and strategic SRI solutions

    • 12:00 PM
      Achieving Financial and Mission-Related Returns:
      How to Successfully Balance Your Mission and Financial Returns in Your Investments

      Endowments must discover the right balance between achieving financial and mission related returns. Unearth new approaches to realizing improved risk-adjusted returns, while meeting your mission mandated goals. Take away practical solutions to: 

      • Align your investment policy with your organization’s mission 
      • Establish the capacity to source higher return investment vehicles
      • Setting and meeting performance metrics for evaluation of impact

      Deploy more of your funds toward higher return investments that align with your mandate

    Alternative Investment
    • 11:30 AM
      The Illiquidity Premium:
      How to Increase Your Returns by Harnessing the Illiquidity Premium

      The concept of buying illiquid assets as a long-term investment for endowments has been popularized by many foundations and endowments. Historically investors have achieved above average returns through real estate, private equity/venture capital, and even infrastructure. Source your plan of action to: 

      • Explore paying assets, such as infrastructure to realize higher and more stable gains 
      • Add more real assets in growing markets that can be safe alternatives to more risky asset classes
      • Build new strategies for increasing investment income through asset ownership 

      Gain a solid plan to capitalize on how the Illiquidity Premium can increase your returns

    • 12:00 PM
      Diversification: Extend your Investment Range and Bolster Your Risk Defences by Deploying New Strategies in Portfolio Construction

      Diversifications remains an essential hedge against downside risks, yet foundations remain reliant on tired strategies and traditional models. Jump start your new diversification plan by applying new approaches to

      portfolio structure. Source innovative solutions to:

      • Expanding beyond the traditional diversification models to optimize gains
      • Determine the most appropriate diversification strategies for your organization
      • Avoid the pitfalls of over diversifying and diluting income potential 

      Deliver higher returns through new diversification strategies


  • 12:30 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • Small to Medium Organizations
    • 1:30 PM
      Industry Expert: ETFs
      Capitalize on a Rising Market Through a Sophisticated and Passive Investment Approach

      Endowments and Foundations take a long approach to their investing needs. One simple and ubiquitous option are ETFs. Gather new insights into: 

      • What have the other endowments with smaller assets experienced 
      • New ETF prospects that exploit the current economic environment
      • How to improve your long-term returns

      Gain simple solutions to strengthen your investment strategy. 

    • 2:00 PM
      Seize the Role Global Fixed Income Can Achieve to Stabilize your Returns

      There has been poor fixed income performance in Canada, but global fixed income remains an easy win for most organizations. Take advantage of international fixed income markets to build out and diversify your portfolio. Develop practical solutions to:

      • Assess the foreign fixed income market and target the best yield options
      • Improve your risk management through prudent diversification
      • Optimize income allocation in your portfolio

      Shore up your portfolio against volatility with prudent foreign fixed income investments


    • 2:30 PM
      Achieving A Viable Triple Bottom Line by Adopting a Responsive Investing (RI) Approach

      While many investors express concern that RI strategies generate lower returns, studies have historically indicated otherwise. Harness the benefits of RI in your organization to increase returns.

      Take away important strategies to:

      • Optimize the RI asset class of investments 
      • Implement an RI investment program 
      • Analyzing ESG ratings and correlation

      Address potential opportunities, challenges, and solutions in RI investing in your organization

    Medium to Large Organizations
    • 1:30 PM
      Industry Expert: REIT
      Achieve low risk returns for your organization with private REIT Investment Options

      Public market volatility can increase risk exposure from public REITs. However, you can branch out into other capital opportunities through private REITs. Develop new strategies to: 

      • Advance your diversification strategy into private capital markets
      • Reduce some of the impact market volatility has on your portfolio
      • Improve returns through more stable investment categories

      Make the shift to more private capital to meet your target returns. 

    • 2:00 PM
      How to Realize Outsized Gains Through Increased Private Equity Allocation

      Private equity carries big returns, big fees, and a big opportunity for the endowment model of investing. Delve into the details through a robust and sophisticated discussion about the nuances of private equity investment. Achieve a step-by-step action plan to:

      • Make the leap into the private equity market to realize high potential returns. 
      • Achieve new confidence in negotiating the various opportunities in private equity 
      • Pitch private equity to investment boards to see the value in planning for illiquidity in your investment budget

      Take back practical solutions on how to capitalize on new opportunities in private equity

    • 2:30 PM
      How Sophisticated Investors Continue to Leverage Hedge Funds to Achieve Higher Risk-adjusted Returns

      Hedge funds have taken some criticism over some lower rate of returns, but in many cases those funds were poorly structured hedges. Improve your hedging strategies by evaluating the pros and cons of hedge funds across a variety of scenarios. Source insights into:

      • How hedge funds should be structured to operate in dynamic markets 
      • Filter out poorly developed hedge funds to select your best options
      • Determine the optimum allocation levels for your hedge fund strategy

      Expand your hedge fund exposure to improve your returns in a volatile market

  • 2:45 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 3:15 PM
    Protect your Portfolio from a Crash:
    DDevelop New Allocation Models that can Respond to the Worst Case Scenario

    Large and long market crashes that can decimate your portfolio are rare, but they can and do occur. Prepare your portfolio for the worst-case scenario, by restructuring your downside exposure with the most up to date allocation strategies. Master the success factors to:

    • Achieve a robust risk mitigation portfolio that is fully prepared for yet another market crash
    • Rebuilding your portfolio on revised strategies tailored to current market conditions
    • Anticipating and exiting overvalued sectors to realize gains  

    Take control against downside risks and bolter your portfolio to profit during the next crash

  • 3:45 PM
    Increase your Long-term Returns through a more Tactical Approach to Impact Investment

    As government policies fail to adequately tackle environmental issues, foundations and endowments have filled the gap by investing in environmentally aligned companies. In many cases, the ROI has been above established benchmarks, and we are now seeing long-term returns continue to grow. Source practical and sustainable investment solutions to:  

    • Reap higher returns and deliver on your mission 
    • Capitalize on the highest growth – and most sustainable sectors – in the green economy
    • Diversify beyond your comfort zone and build a more international portfolio

    Optimize your sustainable investment strategy with a more tactical approach

  • 4:30 PM
    Committee Decision-Making: How to Improve Your Investment Committee Decision-Making

    Although investment committees have significant investment experience, they are not experts on all investment vehicles or market trends. To ensure your investments perform optimally, it is essential that committees are well versed in all outcomes to limit negative returns. Take back strategies to:

    • Develop a heightened awareness of how investment managers make decisions
    • Improve decision-making to mitigate risks and achieve more positive returns
    • Ensure your investment committee is aligned and delivering better investment decisions

    Enhance committee decision making through the latest innovations and best practices

  • 5:00 PM
    Closing Remarks from the Chair
  • 5:15 PM
    Evening Social Activities

    Unwind and mingle with the delegates and speakers at our “exclusive” end-of-the-day reception. Bring your business cards!

January 22, 2020
January 23, 2020
  • 7:00 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:30 AM
    Why Asset Allocators Need to Incorporate Macro-Principals into Their Investment Strategies

    Asset allocators have expressed concerns about the Treasury market, and financial policy in general. Since monitory policy is intended to influence markets, it is essential that asset allocators infuse Macro-Principals into their investment strategies. Adopt best practices to:

    • Improve your response to monitory policy
    • Anticipate shifts in policy, and how – and when – to respond 
    • Hedge against aggressive macro policies that can affect your investment 

    Advance your understanding and response to macro policies to avoid negative returns

  • 9:00 AM
    Industry Expert: Risk Management
    Strategies to Mitigate Negative Returns and Position your Portfolio for Gains in a Bear Market

    Global financial markets continue to perform well, but bull markets end, and many investors see downturns on the horizon. Improve your risk mitigation strategies and position your organization for positive growth even in a downturn. Create a blueprint for: 

    • Limiting any overweighted sectors in your asset allocation
    • Building new strategies to thrive as volatility increases further
    • Adopting a long model that can be sustainable even in bear markets

    Create an action plan for mitigating your risks of negative returns and thrive even in bear markets

  • 9:30 AM
    Industry Expert:
    Cryptocurrencies as a Viable Asset Class for Endowment & Foundations

    Institutional investors have been holding off on investing in the fledgling cryptocurrency asset. However, there is a small and growing group of endowments and foundations who see cryptocurrencies as a viable asset class with tremendous upside. Examine the issues involved assessing the risks and opportunities of investing in cryptocurrencies:

    • Laying the groundwork to invest in cryptocurrencies 
    • Addressing the issue of volatility, security concerns and headline 
    • Assessing cryptocurrency index funds that are targeting institutional asset owners

    Assess the role cryptocurrencies can play as an asset class in your portfolio


  • 10:00 AM
    Alternative Investing for Endowments and Foundations That Produce Higher Returns

    The variety of investment options continues to grow, and consequently, so does the various alternative investment vehicles. From wine and art, or infrastructure and real estate, alternatives can be a confusing labyrinth to negotiate. Source your plan of action to:

    • Branch out into more exotic investments that are gaining increasing interest among investors
    • Successfully position your organization in alternative investments that fit your mandate and mission
    • Perform effective due diligence to capitalize on more niche alternatives

    Take back tactical strategies for exploiting more niche and lucrative alternatives

  • 10:15 AM
    Round Table: Measuring the Investment Outcomes of Social Responsible Investment Versus Traditional Investment Vehicles

    There has been a great deal of excitement surrounding SRI, and many organizations have actively divested in historically high performing stocks. Join in this moderated discussion as we assess the value – both social and monetary – of a divested portfolio versus a traditional investment approach. 

  • 10:30 AM
    Morning Break
  • Commodities and Real Assets
    • 11:00 AM
      Is Gold still an effective defensive strategy

      Investors traditionally have sought out gold in difficult markets, using it as a defensive strategy against uncertainty. And while gold has performed well over the last few years, it is not without some volatility. Now, with some rumblings of a pull back, investors need to reassess and create a blueprint to: 

      • Evaluate your gold investment target based on market potential
      • Create a more defensive strategy for your gold assets
      • Revisit your risk profile to see more long-term gains in commodities

      Optimize your gold strategies while improving long-term yields.

    • 11:15 AM
      Commodity Income Strategies:
      Rare Earth Metals Capitalizing on Rare Earth Markets to Bolster and Diversity Your Risk-adjusted Returns

      Investing in rare earth metals make sense given their importance to driving higher adoption of green energy. However, they are vital to many innovative industries and are expected to continue to see growth into 2050, particularly from emerging economies. Source practical tips to: 

      • Assess the market for rare earth investments
      • Begin and build your capacity to capitalize on the rare earth market
      • Establish realistic expectations of the market 

      Establish an investment strategy to invest in the commodities that are foundational to your organization’s mission

    • 11:45 AM
      Spotlight: Real Estate Market
      Improve your Alternative Investment Strategy by Increasing Your Global Real Estate Exposure

      The global real estate market continues to grow, but not evenly everywhere. Evaluate the opportunities in the global real estate market, and what it can do for your portfolio. Source intelligence to: 

      • Identify the different types of real estate investment vehicles 
      • Understand the benefits of investing in the real estate market for your organization
      • Determine the level of illiquid assets that can fit into your organization’s targets. 

      Drive your returns through prudent real estate investments 

    Socially Responsible Investment
    • 11:00 AM
      Successfully Balance Mission and Financial Returns in Your Investments

      Endowments must find the right balance between achieving both financial and mission related returns. Achieve risk-adjusted financial returns, urban carbon reduction results and mobilization of capital into low-carbon solutions by demonstrating and de-risking opportunities in your organization. Get insight into: 

      • Aligning investment policy and beliefs
      • Establishing governance and internal capacity for impact investing 
      • Setting performance and metrics for evaluation of impact

      Deploy more of your money in alignment with your mandate

    • 11:15 AM
      Increase your Long-term Returns while Fostering Sustainable and Environmental Practices

      Many endowments and foundations have experienced success while delivering on their missions through investments that were tackling environmental issues. With the environment taking an increasing importance financially and politically, the prospects for long-term returns continues to grow. Master the success factors to:

      • Create a long-term environmental investment strategy that generates significant returns 
      • Understand how to capitalize on sustainable investments that have solid futures
      • Benefit from the growing international interest in environmental investing

      Develop an action plan to increase your exposure and success through sustainable investment

    • 11:45 AM
      ESG Hedge Funds:
      Promote Your Mission and Achieve Higher Risk-adjusted Returns

      Hedge funds do have a place in your ESG portfolio, both from a mission promoting standpoint, but also from a returns perspective.  Gain a solid background on how organizations are strategically using hedge funds to lower their risks and fund their missions. Adopt best practices to:

      • Select hedge funds that meet your risk appetite while fulfilling your revenue goals  
      • Identify the most appropriate markets and industries to hedge 
      • Effectively improve your alpha-generating ability without the downside risk

      Build higher returns and mitigate risks through appropriate ESG hedge funds

  • 12:00 PM
    Speaker Spotlight: Risk
    Speaker Spotlight: Risk
  • 12:15 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:00 PM
    Complementary Opportunities in Emerging Market That Deliver Higher Growth at Lower Costs

    Emerging markets continue to generate a great deal of interest from investors, but also a bit of trepidation. However, savvy investors who understand the market, and can initiate an appropriate strategy, can see outsized gains. Adopt best practices to:

    • Assessing various markets and risks to ensure full accountability
    • Gaining the best exposure to high-growth industries and assets 
    • Securing diverse opportunities in both equities and the alternative markets 

    Explore the opportunities available in emerging markets that deliver higher ROI

  • 1:45 PM
    Spotlight: Diversification
    Innovative Practises to Increase Diversification and Stability in your Portfolio

    As some fixed incomes expected to give negative returns, many investors are looking to diversity out of bonds and into other relatively safe investments. Adopt an agressive proactive risk strategy that prioritizes liquidity and yet provides acceptable risk-adjusted returns. Take back strategies to:

    • Deploy a more dynamic risk management response to current market conditions
    • Apply risk analytics that can more accurately assess and predict future performance
    • Determine how risk should be chosen over traditional models

    Develop a more responsive diversification strategy to improve your returns

  • 2:00 PM
    A Practical Implementation Guide to Improve Your Money Manager Search, Selection and Evaluation

    Your investment managers hold key information and insights on current and future risks and opportunities. To mitigate risks, meet due diligence criteria, and enhance performance, selecting a trusted and aligned money manager requires a careful search and evaluation. Acquire key insights into how you can:

    • Plan and implement a methodical selection process to ensure investment alignment
    • Build an investment committee with a unique awareness of manager selection criteria
    • De-risk against the most contentious issues that are likely to arise

    Uncover the process for conducting a manager search that prioritizes prudent wealth generation

  • 2:30 PM
    Spotlight: Investment Strategies
    Exploiting Short Term Market Opportunities Through Alternative Asset Markets

    While the long game is the most effective way to manage your assets, there are times and conditions that warrant more short-term thinking. With markets directions still fluctuating, shrewd investors are capitalizing on short-term alternative assets that are yielding above average returns. Walk away with an action plan to:

    • Adapt the success of larger institutional investors to your organization
    • Increase your early exposure to quick moving and rising seasonal investments trends
    • Diversity a portion of your AUM for short-term investments while remaining nimble when markets move

    Bolster your investing options to improve your alternative and short-term returns.

  • 2:45 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 3:15 PM
    Industry Expert: Asset Allocation
    Achieve your Growth Goals Through a More Strategic and Tactical Approach to Asset Allocation

    The low yield and high volatility have stalled investment performance for most organizations in 2019. Revise your asset allocation approach and improve your portfolio’s performance in 2020 and beyond. Gain strategic insights to: 

    • Assess your current allocations and how to respond to the trending investment landscape 
    • Take advantage of new investment vehicles that go beyond the traditional approach to endowment investing 
    • Build more value into your investments through more tactical approaches

    Transform your asset allocation approach to navigate new trends in the investment landscape. 

  • 4:00 PM
    Panel: Transparency and Fund Stewardship
    Revisit your Investment Policy Statement to Ensure Transparent Fund Stewardship

    Foundations face a growing need to ensure their community is engaged in their mission statement. For organizations committed to transparency, their IPS must reflect a more complex fund stewardship. Bring your governance to the next level an action plan to: 

    • Develop a bottom-up relationship with the community you serve
    • Include the needs of your community in your fund stewardship discussions
    • Clarify your IPS to ensure it remains relevant to your community

    Improve your fund stewardship governance to include greater transparency and community engagement 


  • 4:45 PM
    Closing Remarks from the Chair
  • 5:00 PM
    Conference Adjourns
January 23, 2020

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