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We asked our presenters what they are most excited about Foundation and Endowment Investment, and they were kind enough to share their insights with us.

What are you most excited about Foundation and Endowment Investment?

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Andrea Cohen Barack

I am excited about Foundation and Endowment Investment, because- Grants are more than charitable transactions; they are sizeable investments in the social good.

The top 150 grantmaking foundations in Canada have assets of close to $20 billion—and that doesn’t include government foundations like ours. The registered charity sector has annual revenue of over $220 billion, and growing.

How those considerable resources are used matters greatly. Foundations are making strategic choices about what to fund for the maximum benefit—the greatest social return for our investment.

MaRS Catalyst Fund

Fund Manager,
Kathryn Wortsman

I’m excited about the impact Foundations are able to make in revolutionizing our world in the way people think about investing their money

Inspirit Foundation

Jory Cohen

Director of Social Finance and Investment,
Jory Cohen

Excited about engaging in conversation about impact investing with other asset owners and managers!

Mars Centre For Impact Investing

Adam Jagelewski

Director, Capital Advisory,
Adam Jagelewski

Charitable foundations have an important role to play driving social and economic progress in Canada. Traditionally this has been done using one tool, a grant, but there are new tools being developed that these actors can use to fulfil this mandate.

University Of Alberta

Chad Yaskiw

Investment Analyst,
Chad Yaskiw

I’m most interested to hear about the challenges facing other Endowments today.

Central City Foundation

Jennifer Johnstone

President & CEO,
Jennifer Johnstone

What I am most excited about is the opportunity to share our unique model of impact investing and deepen the conversation with my colleagues from the investment and foundation world.

Ohio Wesleyan University

Chair of the Board of Trustees,
Thomas Tritton

Foundations and endowments are such an important part of our economy and our social order, so I am very excited for the opportunity to meet with others in this sector and learn about their views and aspirations.