Non-Profit Survey Series

This 2016 SEI Non-Profit survey series addresses 4 key questions about managing Non-Profits. The poll was conducted in January-February 2016 and completed by 253 participants (none of the respondents are current clients of SEI), representing non-profits with endowments ranging in size from $25 million to more than $5 billion. SEI is joining this year’s summit as a Gold Sponsor.

    • Part 1: Board members and Non-Profit efficiency
      Can boards and investment committees support their non-profits more efficiently? – This whitepaper provides the results regarding board and investment committee constructions and performance along with operational challenges.
    • Part 2: Investment of Endowment assets
      How are Endowment asset overseen and invested? – This part provides the results regarding different investment management models being used by non-profit organizations, portfolio allocations and use of different asset classes and investment vehicles.
    • Part 3: Fundraising
      Are fundraising efforts supported and as efficient as possible? – Within the last six decades, total charitable giving has grown from $63 billion to $373 billion.1. This chapter provides the results regarding non-profit board fundraising efforts and donor relations.
    • Part 4: Spending Policy
      How are spending
 policies developed and implemented? – This perspective will provide an overview of the spending rates and methodologies that various types of non-profits in the U.S. currently use, and the key considerations for investment committees in determining the spending strategy for the organization.