January 22, 2020
  • 7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
    Catherine Jackman
    Senior Institutional Director, Portfolio Manager, Cidel
  • 8:30 AM
    Keynote: Economic Climate
    Responding to the Economic Uncertainties Putting Your Investments at Risk
    Avery Shenfeld
    Managing Director and Chief Economist, CIBC Capital Markets, CIBC World Markets Inc.

    Investment markets face many uncertainties in 2020. From tariffs to consumer confidence, get the latest economic outlook to overcome possible downturn and market volatility. Source intelligence to: 

    • Anticipate the impact of interest rate changes on your portfolio
    • Discover trends in global markets and how they will affect investments 
    • Respond to short term trends while protecting your long-term investments 

    Create an action plan to capitalize on market volatility and protect your investments. 

  • 9:00 AM
    Case Study: Indiana University
    Focus on Asset Allocation to Achieve your Investment Goals
    Alex Yuchvid
    Director of Investments and Financial Analysis, Indiana University
    With Operating Funds’ AUM of $1.8 billion, Indiana University (IU) has access to an array of investment vehicles. Assess how they manage financial assets to ensure sufficient liquidity, capital preservation, and optimization of investment earnings. Gain insights into:
    • Fixed income investing
    • Implementation of equity investing
    • Portfolio optimization
    • Fiduciary oversight
    Transform your asset allocation approach to balance competing priorities such as liquidity needs, capital preservation, and total return.
  • 9:45 AM
    Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees:
    The Importance of an Asset Mix Strategy for your Long-Term Goals
    Peter Muldowney
    Senior Vice-President, Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group

    Investment committees generally spend more time selecting managers than determining asset mix. Deliver on a more optimal approach to building your asset mix through better modeling and risk management. Create an action plan to:

    • Determine what the key drivers are for meeting your investment objectives
    • Meet future outcomes by giving asset mix strategy more prominence
    • Achieve better outcomes through use of case examples

    Build your future investment goals through a more strategic attention to your asset mix

  • 10:15 AM
    Industry Expert: Private Debt
    What is Private Debt and how can you capitalize on this asset class?
    Ramesh Kashyap
    Managing Director, Ninepoint
    Anemic yields in the traditional public fixed income markets has resulted in the private debt market growing in value. Transform your portfolio by taking advantage of private debt as an asset class to generate stable returns in the fixed income market. Gain a deeper understanding of:
    • What is Private Debt, its challenges, and its value
    • How you should allocate to this asset class
    • The best time to invest in Private Debt, and whether it’s a sustainable long-term option
    Create an action plan for incorporating private debt into your alternative fixed income strategy
  • 10:45 AM
    Morning Break
  • 11:10 AM
    ESG Hedge Funds
    Building a social enterprise portfolio of mission aligned initiatives that generate non-philanthropic revenue to fund growth
    Doug Roth
    Chief Finance and Administration Officer and Head of Social Enterprise, Heart and Stroke Foundation
    The Heart and Stroke Foundation has delved into the social enterprise space, and is showing some promising outcomes. For foundations looking to move into this area of activity, there are many great lessons to be learned. Source key insights into:
    • Some of the challenges with developing a social enterprise strategy
    • How Heart and Stroke launched Canada’s first health related program funded by a ‘social impact bond’
    • Various opportunities to structure risk capital, including funding through 13 individual, nonprofit and for-profit investors
    • How the program’s outcomes trigger payments from the federal government that, if successful, generates both a social and a financial return for investors
    Assess how you can take advantage of social enterprise initiatives to generated non-philanthropic revenue
  • Portfolio Construction
    • 11:40 AM
      Innovative practices to increase diversification and stability in your portfolio
      Andrew Kitchen
      Managing Director, Canada Institutional, Russell Investments Canada Limited

      Diversifications remains an essential hedge against downside risks, yet foundations remain reliant on tired strategies and traditional models. Jump start your new diversification plan by applying new approaches to portfolio structure. Source innovative solutions to:

      • Expanding beyond the traditional diversification models to optimize gains
      • Determine the most appropriate diversification strategies for your organization
      • Avoid the pitfalls of over diversifying and diluting income potential

      Deliver higher returns through new diversification strategies

    • 12:10 PM
      To err is human:
      Five Practical and Implementable Strategies to Ensure Your Investment Committee Members’ Contribute to Your Organization’s Success
      Kendra Kaake
      CFA - Director of Investment Strategy, SEI

      Your investment committee is a integral component of your organization’s ability to produce positive returns and build a successful investment strategy. Take a deeper dive into how you can achieve success by applying 5 best practices that will produce exceptional results. Improve the quality and efficiency of your investment committee’s decision-making ability by:

      1. Overcoming our innate human biases to make more effective investment decisions
      2. Looking beyond the traditional framework from the past
      3. Educating and training the committee by utilizing your most experienced and effective decision makers
      4. Establishing clear guidelines to help ensure that you’re constructing your committee thoughtfully with well-vetted leaders and members with diverse skills and backgrounds
      5. Providing IC members with practical guidance on meeting their fiduciary responsibility through proper debate and documentation

      Explore the 5 key drivers that will help your investment committee generate better decisions and better results

    Alternative Investment
    • 11:40 AM
      The Illiquidity Premium:
      How to Increase your returns by Harnessing the Illiquidity Premium
      Darren Spencer
      Director, Client Portfolio Manager, Alternative Investments, Russell Investments Canada Limited
      The concept of buying illiquid assets as a long term investment for endowments has been popularized by many foundations and endowments.
       Historically investors have achieved above average returns through real estate, private equity/venture capital and even infrastructure.
      Source your plan of action to:
      • Explore paying assets, such as infrastructure to realize higher and more stable gains
      • Add more real assets in growing markets that can be safe alternatives to more risky asset classes
      • Build new strategies for increasing investment income through asset ownership
      Gain a solid plan to capitalize on how the illiquidity premium can increase your returns.
    • 12:10 PM
      Impact Investments and Indigenous Peoples:
      Strategies to Build a Vibrant Reconciliation Economy in Canada
      Stephen Nairne
      Chief Investment Officer, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners
      For many foundations and endowments, impact investments are an important component of their overall investment strategy. Learn how your organization can access Indigenous-led investment products that offer competitive returns and positively impact Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities. Build a blueprint for:
      • Investing in scalable, purpose-drive Indigenous enterprises
      • Investing in community-driven outcomes contracts (green bonds) in the renewable energy and health space
      • Honouring your organization’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
      Create an action plan for building an impact investmentportfolio that contributes to economic reconciliation
  • 12:40 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:40 PM
    ESG and Impact Investing
    Responsible Investing Success Strategies in Practice
    Nalini Feuilloley
    Director, Responsible Investment, BMO Global Asset Management
    By now, all endowments and foundations have explored the concept of ESG and impact investment, with some translating these into the core of their investment strategy. Millennial investors, according to a new The Star research report are more likely to invest in sustainable funds, and are more likely to be loyal to organizations that do likewise. Master the success factors to:
    • Understand the drivers of growth in ESG and impact investing spaces and how they should be implemented
    • Better assess and evaluate the most effective ESG and impact investment strategies and what to demand of your managers
    • Leverage your position as an asset owner through sophisticated active ownership practices
  • 2:10 PM
    Capturing the illiquidity premium through private investments
    Robert P. Morgan
    Managing Director, 50 South Capital
    Private equity and private debt taps into big opportunities, with big fees and potentially big returns. Delve into the details of this sophisticated endowment model of investing through a robust discussion about the nuances of private investing. Develop an actionable plan to:
    • Step into the private equity and private debt markets
    • Pitch private investments to boards to see the value in planning for illiquidity in your risk budget
    • Understand how it fits in a portfolio
    • Gain on the ground insights into how to assess opportunities in this attractive investment arena
    Take back unique perspectives and practical solutions on how to appropriately capitalize on these opportunities for your portfolio.


  • 2:40 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 3:10 PM
    ESG 3 Ways:
    ESG investment strategies are gaining more momentum among institutional investors, particularly foundations and endowments. Get some tips of how you might evaluate the progress of your own investment managers.
    Andrew Bolton
    VP, Hexavest
    1. Learn about the common basic characteristics of managers who are at the forefront of ESG.
    2. Appreciate some of the obstacles faced by managers in implementing ESG
    3. Understand what you might expect from different types of equity managers.
    4. Know about the some of the ESG constraints most requested by institutional investors
    5. Gain a sense of whether you manager is ESG-dedicated or just ESG-washing
  • 3:40 PM
    Increase your Long-term Returns through a more Tactical Approach to Impact Investment
    Nalini Feuilloley
    Director, Responsible Investment, BMO Global Asset Management
    Trish Nixon
    Director of Capital and Investments, Vancity Community Investment Bank and CoPower Inc
    Tracey Haynes
    Manager - Investor Partnerships, The Atmospheric Fund
    Eric Windeler

    As government policies fail to adequately tackle environmental issues, foundations and endowments have filled the gap by investing in environmentally aligned companies. In many cases, the ROI has been above established benchmarks, and we are now seeing long-term returns continue to grow. Source practical and sustainable investment solutions to:  

    • Reap higher returns and deliver on your mission 
    • Capitalize on the highest growth – and most sustainable sectors – in the green economy
    • Diversify beyond your comfort zone and build a more international portfolio

    Optimize your sustainable investment strategy with a more tactical approach

  • 4:25 PM
    Navigating the Top Compliance Issues Facing Canadian Foundations
    Mark Blumberg
    Partner, Blumberg Segal LLP

    Foundations that are registered charities need to comply with corporate or trust law as well as Income Tax Act requirements.  Prepare your organization for some of the most important compliance issues facing foundations as well as recent developments in compliance. Create an action plan to:

    • Address the compliance obligations of donor-advised fund
    • Assess the requirements of perpetual endowments
    • Improve your compliance across a range of issues


  • 5:15 PM
    Closing Remarks from the Chair
  • 5:20 PM
    Evening Cocktail Reception

    Unwind and mingle with the delegates and speakers at our “exclusive” end-of-the-day reception. Bring your business cards!

January 22, 2020
January 23, 2020
  • 7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
    Christy DeCosimo
    CFA - Senior Wealth Consultant, Investment Counsellor, Cidel
  • 8:30 AM
    Case Study: Central City Foundation
    A Mature Model of Impact Investing: A Practical Implementation Guide to Evolving Your Purpose
    Jennifer Johnstone
    President & CEO, Central City Foundation

    Foundations and endowments are very concerned with building their purpose to further their mission. In order to achieve this, they must both invest in areas that further their mission, but also produce sufficient returns to continue serving their communities. Acquire key insights into how you can:

    • Appreciate what an emerging model of impact investment looks like
    • Assess your current position and challenge your expectations
    • Plan and implement a fruitful philanthropic strategy that includes impact investing while fostering social justice and Truth and Reconciliation
    • Build an investment portfolio incorporating social purpose real estate

    Uncover the process for evolving toward an emerging model of practice

  • 9:15 AM
    Overcoming Low Fixed Income Yields: How to Capitalize on Obvious yet Overlooked Investments
    Jeff Carrie
    Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, Target Benefit Investment Consulting
    Battling a low yield environment is proving a challenge for many foundations and endowments. Gain unique insight into how other organizations are experiencing higher yields, at lower risk. Source practical strategies to build wealth through:
    • Assessing the current and future market for fixed income
    • Accessing private commercial mortgages which are used extensively by Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies & Private Investment Managers
    • Building a more profitable asset mix through a simple, widely available option for even smaller investors

    Deliver on your mandate by overcoming a low yield environment

  • 10:00 AM
    Alternative Investing for Endowments and Foundations That Produce Higher Returns
    Michel Charron
    Investment consultant , PBI Actuarial Consultants Ltd
    Mark Braun
    Portfolio Manager, CanFirst

    The variety of investment options continues to grow, and consequently, so does the various alternative investment vehicles. From wine and art, or infrastructure and real estate, alternatives can be a confusing labyrinth to negotiate. Source your plan of action to:

    • Branch out into more exotic investments that are gaining increasing interest among investors
    • Successfully position your organization in alternative investments that fit your mandate and mission
    • Perform effective due diligence to capitalize on more niche alternatives

    Take back tactical strategies for exploiting more niche and lucrative alternatives

  • 10:30 AM
    Morning Break
  • 11:00 AM
    How to Better Respond to the Spectrum of Impact Options to Better Diversify your Portfolio – and Get Access to New Deals
    Adam Jagelewski
    Executive Lead, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, MaRS Discovery District
    John Cook
    President, Greenchip
    Kia Kavoosi
    Senior Manager, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing
    Kathryn Wortsman
    Managing Partner, Amplify Capital

    Impact investing is an important aspect of many endowment and foundation portfolios, but it is important to understand what the investment entails, the financial and impact considerations, and any insight in how it was developed. Delve into an exploration of three active investments - a fixed income / debt offering; a private equity / fund offering; and a public debt or equity offering. Create an action plan to:

    • Improve your assessment of various impact investment options
    • Better measure their impact, and your returns
    • Create access to newer and more profitable impact options

    Develop a comprehensive strategy to diversity your impact investments

  • 11:45 AM
    Speaker Spotlight: Risk
    Do you have the right heroes?
    Ming Lam
    Co-founder, Silver Heights Capital

    We all have role models that we try to emulate.  In the investing world, almost everyone keeps an eye on how their portfolios perform compared with the broad benchmarks.   Do you know what you’re getting when you decide to invest this way?

    • Although passive investing has many benefits, it is not perfect.
    • What is your definition of risk?
    • What alternative is there?
  • 12:00 PM
  • 1:00 PM
    Revisit your Investment Policy Statement to Ensure Transparent Fund Stewardship
    Jason Krueger
    President & CEO, CBWC Foundation
    Mark Blumberg
    Partner, Blumberg Segal LLP

    Foundations face a growing need to ensure their community is engaged in their mission statement. For organizations committed to transparency, their IPS must reflect a more complex fund stewardship. Bring your governance to the next level an action plan to:

    • Develop a bottom-up relationship with the community you serve
    • Include the needs of your donors and community in your fund
    • stewardship discussions
    • Clarify your IPS to ensure it remains relevant to your community

    Improve your fund stewardship governance to include greater transparency and community engagement.

  • 1:45 PM
    Return on Mission: Leveraging Technology for Visibility, Insight, and Investment
    Joan Benson
    Director, NFP Industry Marketing , Sage Intacct Corporation

    Whether you are on the giving or the recipient side, measure, track, and report on the metrics that matter most to your organization. Ensure you get the greatest return on your mission by leveraging modern technology to gain real-time visibility and insight into their investments. Adopt new strategies to:

    • Increase transparency to demonstrate fund compliance with donor wishes
    • Confirm donations are used in an appropriate manner
    • Monitor investments in real time, and report to all necessary parties more efficiently

    Take away new strategies to demonstrate donor compliance and investment success.

  • 2:00 PM
    Afternoon Break
  • 2:30 PM
    Achieving A Viable Triple Bottom Line by optimizing your ESG/Impact Investing Approach
    MJ Sinha
    Director of Finance, Catherine Donnelly Foundation

    While many investors express concern that some ESG/Impact Investment strategies generate lower returns, studies have historically indicated otherwise. Harness the benefits of ESG/Impact Investments in your organization to increase returns. Take away important strategies to:

    • Optimize returns and impact with targeted asset class of investments
    • Implement an ESG investment program
    • Assess and revised your impact investment mandate

    Address potential opportunities, challenges, and solutions in impact investing in your organization

  • 3:15 PM
    Closing Remarks from the Chair
  • 3:30 PM
    Conference Adjourns
January 23, 2020