Develop a blueprint to help your Foundation, Endowment or Not-for-profit continue to achieve its mandate and benefit generations to come!

Uncover innovative strategies to maximize returns and achieve your strategies in this volatile environment by hearing from experts from CIBC Capital Markets, Helmsley Charitable Trust, World Vision Canada, MaRS, SHARE Canada, Imagine Canada, Sierra Club Canada, Doctors Without Borders Canada.

To see the full agenda, speakers, and topics up for discussion, download your copy of the brochure..

  1. Economic Landscape: Adapt to changing monetary policies
  2. Accessing Cryptocurrency Market: Using security tokens
  3. Blended Finance: Balance purpose and profit effectively
  4. Social Investment: Align investment and your mission
  5. Risk Management: Mitigate market risks
  6. Investment Manager Searches: Improve manager selection to enhance portfolio performance
  7. Fixed Income: Incorporate high yield bonds into your portfolio
  8. Alternative Assets:Take advantage of the illiquidity premium
  9. Responsive Investing: Ensure you generate higher returns
  10. Active Ownership: Discover how to actively engage with your investments